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Who We Are

Nema Food Company is the leading Halal meat processor in North America. Founded in 2002 as a subsidiary of Nema Holding, the company’s national headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company evolved when founders acquired Rendulic Packing Company in 2001 and initiated collaborative partnerships with universities, food consultants and local religious authorities familiar with Halal foods and Zabiha preparation. Based on these partnerships, the plant was completely modified to produce food with a distinct focus on one outcome: Halal Quality. Since then, Nema Food has been the proud provider of the highest-quality Halal food products in North America, and our commitment to serving the Halal consumers remains our guiding principle today.

Our Core Values: Community, Integrity, Quality

Nema Food is driven by our enthusiasm for community, our commitment to integrity, and our devotion to quality. From day one, our focus has revolved around the needs of Halal consumers and other customers who seek healthy and high-quality products and is governed by our allegiance to Halal consumables and the principles of Zabiha preparation. We follow strict compliance guidelines and demand excellence in the quality of our products and the compassion of our services. Our strong work ethic – coupled with our adherence to environmental issues – results in a culture of continuous enhancement that aimed at excellent customer service, unsurpassed professional reliability, and superior quality of product—values that are all aimed at providing the highest level of satisfaction to our customers and our community.

It is not a Mission, it is a Passion

Nema Food is dedicated to serving the Halal consumers in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah guidelines. Our dedication to these practices has resulted in respectable, long-term relationships with members of Halal communities across North America. We treat every individual in our community as part of our family, and that approach is also indicative of how we’ve been able to develop and build an elaborate network of American distributors and retailers. At Nema, affordable, high-quality Halal food is our passion, and we are adamant about our responsibility to provide everyone in the Halal consumers with the food products and personable service they deserve.

Industry-Leading Production in America

With a 50,000 square-foot facility in southwestern Pennsylvania, Nema Food is among the few Halal-inspired plants in North America that slaughters and processes its animals in the same facility. The entire process is monitored by the USDA and overseen by Islamic authorities certified in Zabiha practices and Halal production. We employ state-of-the-art, custom-designed technology that affords us the greatest amount of production control for properly integrating Zabiha code with the safest, most modern practices in meat processing. From butchering to packaging, all our operations are carried out under the most hygienic conditions possible, ensuring our foods meet the high expectations of our distributors and consumers. Our strategic location—just outside the city of Pittsburgh—provides immediate access to interstate systems that connect us to all the major metropolitan areas in the country, ensuring fast and healthy delivery of our products to all major American cities.

Certified Integrity

Nema Food understands and adheres to the principles and responsibilities associated with the preparation, production and packaging of Halal-certified foods. Nema is fully compliant with American federal standards and certified Islamic authorities for the safe, efficient production of Halal foods. Each of our various products are approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and certified Halal at the national level by Islamic authorities. The USDA and the Islamic Authorities approve and certify our products only through constant supervision of our production process.

Product Philosophy

The owners of Nema Food firmly believe that top-quality products can be made only by using top-quality ingredients. To that end, Nema Food selects the healthiest livestock and most premium ingredients for each product we develop. A natural harmony is created when we combine the best quality meats and the world’s most exquisite spices, giving Nema Food a superb taste that remains unmatched by all other off-brand products.

Our commitment to quality is clear: Nema Food’s product portfolio was developed based on our company’s personal philosophy as well as the input of our Halal consumers. Our range of products include the freshest possible beef, lamb, goat, poultry and deli products, as well as a variety of “heat and serve” and other ready-made or easy-to-prepare foods.

Our Network: Conventional and Online

Nema Food continues to keep its finger on the pulse of the Halal food production industry, keeping in tune with the freshest ideas to improve our products and services and exploring collaborative partnerships with our Halal consumers. To date, we have cooperated with established Halal brands and partnered with Seyidoglu –one of the most prominent dessert-makers in Turkey with unmatched taste and quality of products– in an effort to add variety to our menu and to meet and exceed the expectations of our unique and growing community. In fact, our commitment to Zabiha practices and to Halal foods has generated further demand for our products in Canada and in the Middle East.

Our extensive network of national distributors allows us to provide high-quality Halal foods to a variety of American retail stores and food service companies. We also offer private label production, designing exciting new products that provide customized solutions for companies looking to complement their business image. Nema Foods also strives to utilize digital technologies to better serve our community of consumers. Be sure to visit our online store at – the interactive site allows us to connect to Halal-consuming families and communities in more remote locations. In addition, we also make every effort to connect with our community online — to listen to their needs, collect their feedback, and assure that we continue to provide excellence in service and product. Please follow us on one or all of our social media streams or subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking on the truck icons below.